The Magic Fish

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Magic fish is commonly called killifish. It is a type of rare and high-grade ornamental fish, which originates from South Africa & South America.

Magic fish is not only creative and innovate but is also easy to hatch and breed. You just need to put magic fish bag into the water and lovely baby fishes will be hatched out within 1 month.

Have you ever experienced an unimaginable moment when you see a small baby fish jumps out from its roe? Have you even felt the great gratification when you see this baby fish become a gorgeous ornamental fish after your prudential care and careful breeding? Magic Fish is this kind of product which can satisfy both of your needs.

The Magic Fish

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Teabag+water=Real fish?!


Fish Tycoon-Magic Fish-cool stuff




How to play magic fish?

Just three steps you can get your own real fish.
1. Put magic fish bag into the water and baby fishes will be hatched out within half an hour to 24 hours.
2. Put fairy seed bag into the salt water to get fairy seed.
3. Feed baby fishes with fairy seed (brine shrimp).


Fish Type:

cool gift ideas,Personalised Gift Ideas,Christmas gift ideas,funny gifts

cool gift ideas,Personalised Gift Ideas,Christmas gift ideas,funny gifts



1 x Packet of Brine Shrimp Eggs
1 x Packet of Breek Soil
1 x Feeding & Measuring Tube
1 x Set of Magic Fish Instructions(Chinese, download english version from here)


cool gift ideas,Personalised Gift Ideas,Christmas gift ideas,funny gifts


1.Is red-golden dragon fish real? Will it grow up to adult fish?
A:Yes, it is real and will grow up to adult fish.

2:Is red-golden dragon fish from fresh water or salt water?
It is a kind of tropical fresh water fish.

3:What is its scientific name?
It is commonly called killifish. Its scientific name is Nothobranchius korthausae. It originates from South Africa & South America regions and is a type of rare and high-grade ornamental fish.

4:How long does it take for Magic fish to swim out and grow up? How long will it live?
It usually takes about 1-24 hours for the first batch of Magic fish to swim out of the fish bag. Depending on the level of maturity of the fish embryos, the shortest time may be only half an hour. The fish can live for at least two years if you take good care of them. The size of the adult fish varies from 4 cm-6 cm depending on the type of species.

5:How to tell the male fish from the female fish?
The color of the male fish is vivid while the female fish is plain.

6:Can the Magic Fishes reproduce?
Yes. However, it depends on the temperature, environment and how you breed them.

7:Can we eat this type of fish?
No, it is not for consumption. It is only a type of ornamental fish.

8:Will the fishes fight one another ?
The male fish will fight if its living space is not large enough. The best proportion is 1 liter of water to 1 fish. You may also put in some veil in your tank like float grass to prevent fights.

9:Do the baby fishes look the same even if their species are different?
Yes. They look almost the same as when s new born.

10.Will all 10 fishes swim out at one time after we put the fish bag into the water?
We can guarantee you a minimum of 6 fishes, but they won't swim out all at once. They normally swim out in small batches and you need to repeat the hatching process 3 or up to 4 times.

11:Should we just leave the fish bag in the water for 10-15 days and let the fish swim out batch by batch?
No. You should keep fish bag in a moist environment but not totally wet. So you should always put this back into the reseal-able plastic bag provided and seal it tightly each time.

12:Should we pump oxygen into the water?
Not necessary. You can keep tap water for one day or under the sun for about 2 hours before usage. What you should do is change the water frequently to keep the water clean and there'll be ample oxygen. Please note each time you only change about one third of the water. Otherwise, the fish might not adapt to the totally new environment.

13:Is there any special requirement for the fish's environment?
Water Temperature only. The storage temperature is 15-35°C and the best temperature range for hatching is 18-30°C. Please do take note that the temperature we refer to is the water temperature, not your room temperature.

14:What does baby fish eat and the required breeding temperature?
The food for baby fish is brine shrimp. You may feed them with other fish food such as frozen petrified worms only when it grows up Keep temperature within 24-26°C.

15:What to do when we run out of the brine shrimp?
You can purchase this from us or your local aquarium store.

16:Can we keep adult fish and baby fish together?
If there's big difference in size between the fishes, adult fish will bite or even eat baby fish when it is hungry.

17:How often should we feed baby fish?
The baby fish is very smart and it won't die from eating too much. You can feed it only once a day. Baby fish won't eat any more if it is full. It is OK if there are some brine shrimp left in the breeding vessel.

18:How to hatch brine shrimp?
It is one gram every flat spoon. You should put in just one flat spoon of salt into the little plastic vessel provided in the package. Please note that brine shrimp can only be hatched by salt water and the hatching time takes 24-72 hours.

19:How long can the brine shrimp provided last?
The appetite of baby fish is small, so you just need to hatch a small "pinch" of brine shrimp each time. The brine shrimp supplied is enough for baby fish to grow up to approximately 2 cm long. When the fish reaches this size, you can start using other fish food to feed it, for example frozen petrified worms or brine shrimp. Just do not feed it with dry commercial fish pellets.

20.How long can brine shrimp live? Will it grow up?
Brine shrimp can live for 2 or 3 days. It will also grow up if you feed it with flour. However, you don't need to breed brine shrimp as what we supply is enough for baby fish grows up to 2 cm long.

21:Can we keep adult Magic fish along with other ornamental fishes?
You can do this so long as there's no huge difference in size.

22:Why do Magic fish swim out of fish bag batch by batch?
We have both matured and immature fish embryos within the fish bag. Matured fish embryos will turn into baby fish shortly after it is put into the water; immature fish embryos will become mature when it is returned into the fish bag.

23:What is the black material in the fish bag? Will it deteriorate?
The black material in the fish bag is called coco substrate. It is the carrier of Magic fish embryos and has been sterilized. It is safe and is a type of culture medium for flowers and grass. It won't deteriorate.

24:How many species of Magic fish in one bag?
Currently, there's only one species per bag.

Certificates of Magic Fish

At present, we have passed the test for cocos substrate and fish egg. (Cocos Substrate which we use to carry magic fish has been proved that it doesn’t contain any pest or germina. It is safe and environmental-friend, so please set your heart at rest when you play our magic fish or sell them to your clients.)

We have also got the   CE certificate   and   ASTM   which means our magic fish can be used as a safe toy.

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